19 Favorite Female Luxury Influencers On YouTube

19 Favorite Female Luxury Influencers On YouTube

If you're like me, you secretly (or not!) Love fashion .. Recently, I'm working from home, so I'm lonely because I can't dress up in the office, but I'm thinking of taking advantage of my time out and trying out new trends with standard items. And yes, my classic work contains some gorgeous stuff. That's why I follow my favorite luxury influencers.

What is a luxury influencer-inspired luxury purchase?

Luxury Purchases Considered high-end and usually purchased by high-income people. Luxury purchases include physical items such as wallets, jewelry and cars.

Includes experience and membership in private invitation-only spaces such as golf clubs, art studios and resort-style clubs.

This article focuses on the fashion side!

To avoid wasting budget, I love to get inspiration from gorgeous influencers, mostly what I can see

What do luxury influencers do?

Luxury influencers emphasize fashion works of high-end designer brands. Many luxury brands have partnered with influencers to help disseminate information about their products. They also use gorgeous influencers to promote us at home in a fun and friendly way.

Many influencers partner with gorgeous designers for product launches and collaborations. In addition to emphasizing high fashion, many influencers also discuss lifestyles, such as routines and life hacks that help you lead a better life.

You may not expect to learn much from high-end bloggers and YouTubers, but in reality you can. Take advantage of luxury influencer ideas and reviews while saving for luxury purchases. For example, I know I need to invest in classic pieces, but what are they?

You can also learn about trends and fast fashion. This can be a complete waste of time and money. Economically, think of this like any other survey when making a large purchase.

Make purchases inspired by gorgeous influencers work within your budget

First and foremost, large scale Keep your finances in mind before making a luxury purchase. You can save for them or make them line items within your budget, but you want to make sure you pay attention to your financial priorities You will think. The new Louis Vuitton may look perfect on your arm, but being late for the invoice isn't that perfect.

What are some ways you can save on a luxury purchase? First, create a designated debt reduction fund, if you haven't done so already. Then, as with any other important purchase, put your clothing on the item line within your budget.

It's always easier to make money than to cut costs. A house to put in for a luxury purchase. You can also inspect the side hustle through the gig economy.

As another side note, many gorgeous YouTubers make a lot of money through ads that appear on their channels. We also make money through the brand partnerships and affiliate links posted in the video description. Some gorgeous influencers can even get a free wardrobe!

Get things for $ Free .99 and your wardrobe will grow even more! Therefore, don't compare what you own with these gorgeous influencer closets.

You need to check out 19 gorgeous influencers / gorgeous YouTubers

Gorgeous influencers , It can be very fun to catch up and they provide great information. We've shared some ins and outs, so check out your favorite gorgeous influencers below!

1. Highlowluxxe

JENEE highlowluxxe
Image source: instagram.com/highlowluxxe
Karen Brit Chick

“Where Luxury & Style is Attainable” is the tagline of YouTube's HighLowLuxxe influencer Jeene. She is good at combining high-priced and low-priced items in today's Instagram post.

She also leverages the resale site Fashionphile to add a wealth of handbags at an affordable price. Definitely one of the gorgeous bloggers and YouTubers will check out.

2. Karen Brittic JENEE highlowluxxe

Image source: instagram.com/karenbritchick Karen Brit Chick

Also known as Karen Brit Chick, Karen, Fasinova, England, who lives in New York City. She writes a Vlog about high and low fashion, investing in quality and sometimes quirky pieces. If you love different styles, she's for you.

3. Heated Confusion

A Heated Mess Jocelyn Partee Jocelyn Partee

Image source: instagram.com/aheatedmess ) Karen Brit Chick

Cindy A Heated Mess on YouTube channel is one of the most trusted and luxurious influencers. .. She is also a former corporate lawyer who provides salary negotiation tips to help overcome women's wage gaps. She is a prime example of a luxury / personal finance vlogger!

Four. Jocelyn Partee JENEE highlowluxxe

Jocelyn Partee
Image source: instagram.com/jocelynyvonnestarr

Karen Brit Chick

Look, what is Jocelyn Partee? Do you know or love her YouTube channel. She will be honest about her quality and share tips for deciding if it's worth the purchase. In this video she still shares whether Chanel still thinks it's worth the money.

I'm all about being honest when it comes to fashion. She is one of the gorgeous Youtubers you can trust.

Five. Scout The City

Sai De Silva Scout The City
Image source: instagram.com/scoutthecity Karen Brit Chick Karen Brit Chick )

If you're looking for someone to make you laugh, the YouTube channels Sai De Silva and Scout The City are one of them. Energetic, she shares luxury fashion mixed with beautiful family and lifestyle tips. She also has a funny short video. This is perfect for those who love luxury but can't afford the time.

6. Kristina Braly

The Chic Maven Kristina Braly

Image source: instagram.com/kristinabraly

Kristina Braly is an anesthesiologist during the day and a gorgeous and influential YouTuber at night. She is also a great mom and fashion designer for a luxury scrub called Cloud 9.

Christina helps the healthcare industry remain fashionable on and off the hospital floor. Who says luxury influencers can't start their fashion line?

7. Chic Maven

Noorie Ana Noorie Ana

Image source: instagram.com/thechicmaven Karen Brit Chick Karen Brit Chick

The Chic Maven YouTube Channel Kristin Fashion An avid enthusiast. Her channel is primarily focused on styling her outfits together to make her look good. She also thinks about how social media affects the purchase of luxury goods and discusses whether to reduce the value of certain goods.

She is funded by an industry where many of the luxury goods are designed to keep you broken. As I say, it's definitely a unique perspective!

8. Noori Ana

Noorie Ana Noorie Ana

Image source: instagram.com/noorieana

Karen Brit Chick Karen Brit Chick

Youtuber Noori is an avid London-based traveler who lives for her fashion. When she's not traveling, she's putting together a video to show how to build a gorgeous capsule wardrobe around. She loves how she can style fashion classics with new items and try out more traditional trends.

9. Je Suis Lou JENEE highlowluxxe

) Image source: instagram.com/je.suis.lou
Karen Brit Chick

YouTube channel Lucia, Je Suis Lou mixes luxury and more casual items I highly recommend that. She focuses primarily on handbags, but she sometimes challenges shoes and jewelery.

In her weekly video, she lists the wallets she found at discounted prices to help you get the best prices. I love it when people share sales!

Ten. Colorful Noir

Eileen colourful noir Brittany pockets and bows

) Image source: instagram.com/colourful_noir

Colorful noir brings you a gorgeous influencer, Irene. Eileen believes that the purchase of luxury goods must be intentional, as she spends her hard-earned cash. She reminds many gorgeous influencers to review free products and sponsor shopping trips. 11. Brittany IP Pockets and BowsTV

A Heated Mess
Karen Brit Chick Image source: instagram.com/pocketsandbows

Karen Brit Chick

What I haven't mentioned yet in this list is the plus size fashion that my curvaceous self needs. Many plus-sized women can feel out of place because they don't have many luxury clothes of our size. Many of the gorgeous YouTubers aren't plus size either.

YouTuber Brittany is proud of its curvaceous beauty and shows that we also look stylish. She mixes luxury and low-priced goods and looks like she's flying while doing it.

12. Tiana Peri JENEE highlowluxxe

Karen Brit Chick

Image source: instagram.com/monroesteele JENEE highlowluxxe Karen Brit Chick

Monroe Steel is a gorgeous influencer that shares high fashion and home decor. I'm one of the enthusiasts. I believe in keeping the space clean and looking good as it affects my expression.

She is also partnering with Amazon as part of a new fashion line called The Drop. Who says life does not imitate art?

Get inspiration from these extravagant influencers

Use this just in case Please give us a list of extravagant influential people as inspiration. You can get luxury goods while prioritizing other economic goals.

You may need a little creativity, discovering ways to earn extra income, or additional discipline. Still, you can have that Fendi bag too. These gorgeous bloggers and YouTubers will show you how.

What are your favorite gorgeous influencers to check out? Then take a look at our other luxury fashion articles and look stylish while paying attention to your money!

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