In this blog you will find content that relates to personal finance, the stock market and investing in general. We’ve talked about taxes and how to pay less in taxes. We try to help you decide how to save for retirement or how to navigate the major stages of your financial life cycle. We write about business, starting a business and how to become your own boss. And finally, we talk about how to use money to live a little better.

We cover many money-related topics from many angles. And we do it with the authority of more than 15 years of experience in different areas of finance and everything we’ve learned from the financial problems of the people we’ve met on this long journey, which we hope will last a few more years.

We know what we know and we are also aware of what we don’t know. But we have the ambition to learn so much more. And that is why we share our knowledge, because together we can go further.

All the articles are written with a critical eye on conventions, because if you don’t question things, it’s hard to change them. We believe that we can live a little better and that money is just a means to a more comfortable lifestyle than we have been taught.