Does It Work? Pros And Cons!

Does It Work? Pros And Cons!

Saving money is always a wise idea, but motivating you to secure a lump of cash All salaries that can be difficult. Therefore, if you are struggling to save monthly, we recommend that you try a saving challenge, such as the 100-day envelope challenge.

Save over $ 5,000 in just 100 days with this challenge. !! !! let's start!

What is the 100-day Envelope Challenge?

The 100-day Money Envelope Challenge is a Money Saving Challenge This will ultimately save you a total of $ 5,050. This tends to save various amounts in 100 days using envelopes.

It is a popular idea to allow participants to save money in an easy and fun way.

Who will benefit from the 100-day Envelope Challenge?

According to the latest information from the Federal Reserve Consumer Finance Survey, the average American household is only $ 41,600.

That may seem daunting, but remember that experts recommend keeping the normal cost of 3-6 months in an emergency. Put it down please.

In addition, it does not count savings such as car, home down payments, or future trips.

If you want to save money but struggle to save some each month, you can benefit from the 100-day Envelope Saving Challenge. Challenges are a great way to save for emergency savings, repay debt, or save for vacation.

Why do you need to do a 100-day money envelope challenge?

If you don't have a savings account, or if you incur significant costs that need to be saved, the 100-day Envelope Challenge may be a good choice. ..

Many Americans have been struggling to keep up with their savings lately. According to a Northwestern Mutual survey, this year's average personal savings have fallen by 15%.

Therefore, you can maintain or build up your savings by participating in the 100-day Money Challenge.

How does the 100 Envelope Saving Challenge work?

In the 100-day Money Envelope Challenge, you will receive 100 envelopes, numbering them from 1 to 100. Mix them and choose one every day. Set aside cash in an envelope, depending on the number you choose. So by the end of the 100 days, you'll save $ 5,050.

For example, if you draw 15 envelopes one day, put $ 15 in cash in the envelope, seal it, and set it aside. If you draw 7 envelopes on another day, put in $ 7.

You can extend the day a bit, for example, not having a challenge on the weekends. It takes time to complete the 100-day envelope challenge, but you can spend that extra cash on other things.

100 Envelope Saving Challenge Will it really help you save?

100 Envelope Saving Challenges will help you save money, but only if you stick to it. If you like games and challenges, that may be the motivation you need to get into the habit of saving.

Within a few months, sticking to the challenge can result in savings of over $ 5,000. every day. However, if you don't challenge every day, it can take some time to complete.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 100-Day Envelope Challenge

Many 100-day Envelope Challenges It has its benefits, but it may not be useful to everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons of the challenge:


100 Envelope Saving Challenges The ones are: After reading this, you may want to try it!

Make savings easy and fun

Who doesn't like good games? If you are competitive and like to play the game, the 100-day envelope challenge can be the motivation you need to start saving.

No need a lot of money to get started

One day you will only need $ 1 or $ 2. The daily cost is $ 100. It's also very easy to get the materials to get you started. All you need is an envelope, a pen, and of course cash.

Can be adjusted according to your consumption habits

If you can't afford to save cash every day, you can adjust your 100-day envelope challenge to suit your lifestyle. You can take a break from the weekend or postpone the challenge for a week or two if needed.


For the 100-day Money Envelope Challenge, It may not be very convenient. Keep this in mind when trying.

Nowadays everyone needs to spend cash that is not at hand

The biggest drawback of the 100-day Money Envelope Challenge is that you have to spend cash to do it. Not everyone likes to spend cash or it's convenient. If you want to digitize, we encourage you to consider one of the following other challenges:

It will take at least 3 months to complete

The 100-day Envelope Challenge will take several months to complete. To get the maximum benefit, you should tackle the challenge almost every day for at least three months.

Sometimes you can't do it Best strategy for people who live from salary to salary

If you don't have a lot of spare cash every day, this money-saving challenge may not be for you. Instead, look for challenges that require less cash in advance, such as the Penny Savings Challenge (see below for details).

Other Money Saving Challenges to Try Instead

Significant There are a number of money-saving challenges, and the 100-day money envelope challenge is just one of them. It may not be for everyone, so check out some of these other money-saving ideas to see which one works for you:

52 Weeks Challenge

52 Weeks Challenge, Weekly You can save a certain amount for a total of 52 weeks or a year. Start by saving $ 1 in the first week, then add $ 1 to each and end up with a total of $ 1,378.

30 days no spending challenge

The challenge is to prevent you from spending too much. You commit to a specific time frame like the moon and spend money only on what you need. This means you don't have to go shopping or buy unnecessary things like coffee or eating out.

$ 5 Savings Challenge

Another fun money-saving challenge similar to the 100-day envelope challenge is the $ 5 Savings Challenge. In this challenge, every time you receive a $ 5 bill, you will save it for 90 days. At the end of the three months, you should be able to save a considerable amount of money.

Penny Savings Challenge

The challenge of penny savings is easy to understand. You start by saving penny on the first day and then add extra penny every day for a year. Save a total of $ 667.95 by the end of the year!

Coffee Break Challenge

Do you like your coffee break? Instead of buying a latte, set up a piggy bank and put money in a jar every time you brew coffee at home. This encourages you to save money on those expensive drinks and you may save hundreds a year!

30-day minimalist challenge

Minimalist Challenge recommends getting rid of something every day. It's not a saving challenge in itself, but it helps you focus on enjoying what you already have, rather than focusing on spending.

Try the 100-day Envelope Challenge today!

If you need an easy and quick way to save thousands of dollars, try 100-day envelopes Challenge. It requires few supplies and takes very little time to complete each year.

Save over $ 5,000 when you're done. In addition, it can help you get into the habit of saving and accumulating your emergency savings fund.

If you save that money, you may be wondering what to do with it. Clever Girl Finance has multiple articles on investment, simple living, and money growth.

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