Jason’s Roadmap to Financial Independence


This is a guest post from Jason Butler. Jason is the owner of MyMoneyChronicles, a website that discusses personal finances, side hustle, travel and more. Jason is from Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Savannah State University. Jason is featured in Forbes, Discover, and Investopedia. You can find him on Instagram here.

May 10th, 2008 was the best day of my life. I graduated from college. I was excited to say the least. 5.5 years long and I’m done. I thought my annual job of 50,000 people was right there. Boy, I was wrong. It took me more than a year to find a full-time job. When I started, I didn’t make nearly $ 50,000 anywhere. I struggled with my finances for several years. Meanwhile, my debt exploded due to interest and late fees. My debt was over $ 72,000 when I finally started putting things together, saying it was enough. At the time of writing this article, I still have a student loan of over $ 49,000. When it’s gone, I’m debt-free.

Eliminating debt is one of the things that helps me get closer to financial independence. There are some things I have to do to achieve this. Here, we’ll start with the most obvious and share a few things.

Abolish student loans

These student loans have been a burden to me for over a decade. When I was in my twenties, I didn’t make the best decision. One of them was to ignore the loan every few months before making a very small payment. Interest has doubled the loan balance to almost double the amount I started. At one point I wanted to go back and get another degree, so I enrolled in several classes and borrowed a $ 12,000 student loan. Two semesters later, I realized I made a big mistake.

In 2015, I was finally able to start paying in-time for undeferred or undeferred loans. By 2019, I have started paying for all of them. I currently pay over $ 1000 a month for student loans. I think that amount will increase.

Grow my website business

I currently run two websites. The first is My Money Chronicles. This site was rebranded in 2019. Discuss side hustle, debt, and trips over there. I also talk about my journey. I share not only my ups and downs, but what works and what doesn’t. My 2nd The website will be published in a few weeks. It’s not at all in the field of personal finance. I’ve been studying SEO for the last 9 months. I found a niche that I know is excellent. Share the situation on a regular basis.

Grow resale business

I also run an eBay store. This side job allowed me to save money and eliminate smaller debt. This year’s goal is growth. I usually have an average of 190-200 items in my store. I’m going to double it. I will make more savings and bulk purchases of items to make that happen.

Also, post more items on multiple platforms. Believe it or not, there are products for sale on eBay, Mercari, Poshmark, OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor. I’m not playing I have to get these loans out of here.

Grow my design business

I design items on Amazon, Teespring and Redbubble. This is a side hustle with endless possibilities. Testing your design and keyword combinations is the key to consistent sales. I have some designs that make me money without promoting them. I’ve spent more time on this, and I’m looking at the results.

Invest more

I’m making some small investments now. Soon, I plan to have more. I’ve read a lot about dividend stocks lately and it’s very intriguing. In the last few months I have bought some of them and have already received some small dividends. I like what I’ve seen so far.

Save more

I still have a full-time job. Every month I put money into another online account that I rarely see. I want a nice safety net for when I’m working on my own.

Future business ideas

There are many other future business ideas, such as domain flipping and real estate possibilities. I won’t go into detail about them today, but when you run out of student loans, you’ll be able to focus more.

The name of the game is to be location dependent. I want to make money from anywhere in the world. With two of my side hustle / business, I’m doing it on a small level right now. Through trial and error, you can raise your income to a certain amount. This is one of my big goals.

I was fired from my old job in 2020. I haven’t worked for more than 8 months. I had the freedom to focus on myself. To be honest, I love that time and I miss it a little. I’m working hard to reach that point again. For me, financial independence is equal to freedom. I’m working wisely to make sure I get there within the next two years. Remember that you follow my journey so that we can celebrate together.

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