Luxury Bags 101: Hermès Kelly Sizes

Luxury Bags 101: Hermès Kelly Sizes

Hermès kelly bag sizes
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The Hermès Kelly bag is iconic and has long been a reliable accessory for many. The simple and sophisticated design comes in a variety of colors and is one of the perfect wallets to easily wear in multiple styles. Whether it's jeans or a cocktail dress, the luxurious Hermes Kelly bag is a repetitive style.

But why is it called a kelly bag? ?? Where can I find it and how can I save money? Find the answer to your money question and the size of the Hermes Kelly bag here.

History of Hermes Kelly Bag

From the beginning, the Hermes Kelly bag was first created in 1892 and has since been redesigned several times. In the 1950s, it was used by Grace Kelly in the movie To Catch a Thief.

Grace Kelly had a bag to hide her pregnancy. She may not have been trying to get her attention, but it had the opposite effect, and women all over the world wanted to buy a “Kelly” bag.

Originally not designed for her, the bag has become synonymous with Kelly's name. It was renamed to Hermes Kelly Bag in 1977.


All Hermes Kelly bags feature a signature lock with a padlock, key, and clochette (comparison of bell-shaped leather for the key).

The Kelly bag comes in two beautiful designs. Retourne and Sellier. Both are carefully crafted and have their own details.


The Retourne style is a little more relaxed. With a slightly cleaner look, you will notice the corners and sides of the bag.

The bag is sewn inside out for this style. When upright, the bag folds slightly, weakening the overall structure of the design.


The Sellier-style stitching is the opposite of Retourne, giving it a very boxy look. You can see the stitches on the refreshing and beautiful lines. It looks great, but some people find it to be less functional.

Hermes Kelly bag size

If you buy this bag, there are several Hermes Kelly sizes. And there are some basic similarities that all of them share.

They all have a carrying handle and shoulder strap, making them easy to carry anywhere. Kelly is a square trapezoid, available in different colors and different leather materials. A rare, valuable and truly remarkable accessory.

describes the size of the Hermes Kelly bag.

Kelly Pochette Size

Hermes Kelly Pochette Size Mini Kelly Size

Hermes Kelly Pochette. Image source: Instagram @ miubb99

Hermes Kelly Pochette is similar to a mini Kelly, but a handheld / clutch style bag without straps. The size is 22×12 / 5 x 7 cm.

Based on the size and lack of straps, this bag can be the perfect evening bag or formal event bag.

Mini Kelly size

Mini Kelly Size

How rare are Kelly bags?

Hermes Kelly bag is pretty rare. It's definitely a good deal of money and an investment piece that often takes a long time to get. Birkin used to be more popular than Kelly, but is now considered equivalent.

How to buy a kelly bag

Plan on I spend at least $ 10,000 on Hermes Kelly bags. The price just goes up from there. If you need this rare bag that costs thousands of dollars, how can you afford it?

For such a large purchase, it's been a long time. Unless you have already saved money, it may take months or years to save for this purchase. It's okay-take time to research and find out exactly the size of Hermes Kelly you need to make sure you're okay with this large purchase.

If you decide that the Hermes Kelly bag is right for you, here's what to do next:

Savings account

First, you need to start saving. First, look at the price of a bag that is similar to what you want. Divide the wallet price by the number of months you need to save.

For example, if you need $ 20,000 for a bag and save 3 years, you'll need to save about $ 555.00 a month.

Find a high-yielding savings account suitable for saving money. While saving. It will be a little interesting to you, it may be useful if you save for quite some time.

Find a good price

When you're ready to buy, it's hard not to buy Buy the first kelly bag you see. It's easy to get excited about such purchases, but it's important to eliminate emotions from the purchase. Remember how hard it was to store and know that the right bag is there.

Before you buy, the materials, colors, sizes and designs are exactly what you are looking for. If you are buying a second hand item, make sure your wallet is genuine before you buy.

After proving the authenticity, please check if the price is reasonable. For what you are buying. Find out what others are charging for similar bags and follow the survey to buy.

Owns a Hermes Kelly bag Even if you do, you can reach your financial goals

Hermes Kelly Bags are practical for those who are sensitive to money Is it too much? it's not! In addition to many others, you can fully budget, save money, and achieve this economic goal.

If it takes time, you can save and consider your purchase and own a Hermes Kelly bag innocently.

Find out more about Hermès luxury wallets and how to buy them. Those, and other fashion tips about Clever Girl Finance here!

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