Self-Made Millionaires Share 3 Tips to Reach Financial Success

Self-Made Millionaires Share 3 Tips to Reach Financial Success

This is a guest post from Chris Alarcon. Chris is obsessed with financial independence, so he created a Financially Well Off blog to interview entrepreneurial rock stars such as JLD from EO Fire and Raegan Moya-Jones from Aden & Anais. Check out Financially Well Off or Facebook for motivations to build a habit of wealth and success. Please let me know if you want to post as a guest to RFI .

Not everyone is lucky to be born rich.

In reality, most people start from scratch and pave the way for becoming a millionaire.

There is no quick way to get rich, lottery unless you win.

So what do you need to be a self-made millionaire?

Which money habits can help you make a lot of money?

Find answers to these questions from three other celebrities Homebrew millionaires who gave the best advice on this issue ..

What is a self-made millionaire?

As the name implies, the self-made man earned success and money through his efforts and consistency. They start fighting from scratch without owning heritage or elite social circles.

In other words, there are no self-made millionaires.

It’s important to adopt good habits and stay consistent with them. These habits may include your work habits, money management habits, or spending habits. , You are on track to achieve your financial dreams. ..

Find out what they are doing differently, which we have to incorporate into our lives.

Interview with my own Millionaire

2019 Interviewed successful entrepreneurs through a podcast and found the secrets to their achievements.

I learned many valuable and valuable tips that I can’t wait to share with you.

let’s start.

Dame Stephanie Shirley (Steve)

Dame Stephanie Shirley, also known as Steve, survived the Holocaust and came to England as a refugee.She wanted to prove that she was worth saving her life, so she was 29 years old and her multi-million dollar business I started.

Steve founded a software company, Freelance Programmer, that employs hundreds of women. She sought to create opportunities for women in a male-dominated business world. seriously.

Thanks to her, 70 of her team members have become millionaires.

I had the privilege of interviewing this exemplary personality.

One of my most anticipated questions to her is

What is the best way you have found to never give in to what people and life give you?

According to Steve, you shouldn’t let go of three important things in life:

    • value


  • Peace of Mind


Steve believes it is your value to keep you immobile during the test time. Even when the times are good, your values ​​help you keep progressing steadily.

If she doesn’t have health and peace of mind, you will accomplish great things in life.

John Lee Dumas (JLD)

John Lee Dumas, well known as JLD, is the founder and host of the award-winning podcast EOFire, interviewing today’s most exciting entrepreneurs seven days a week. With over 2000 episodes and a 7-digit annual income, JLD has shown the world what it takes to be a self-made man.

He is on a mission to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

He was another exciting guest on my podcast.

I asked him, “To save more than a year’s income to dive into entrepreneurship How could you have the discipline of? ”

JLD took him through college without debt Mentioned receiving a sustained military scholarship. He relied heavily on his savings during his 13-month service without taxes.

But what really worked for him was the delay in satisfaction. He has a priority. He will resist something more valuable, the temporary temptation to achieve his podcast in his case. Entrepreneurial goals.

Grant Sabatier

Grant Sabatier is the founder of the Millennial Money blog with over 10 million visitors and hosts the Millennial Money Minutes Podcast.

He has become a millionaire in five years and has always wanted financial independence and many intelligent tips and habits to share. had.

I asked him. Would you like to give it to someone who is currently financially struggling and feeling hopeless?

He spoke honestly and confidently I realized that nothing was eternal The importance of doing. Struggle, failure and hopelessness are temporary.

Success will come to those who keep pursuing their dreams and fighting. Everything that gets in the way is short-lived.

He also talked a lot about the importance of staying connected to nature. While spending time in nature, you get your best ideas and motivations to work on them.

Don’t lose that connection.

What are the characteristics of Millionaire?

Large bank accounts, a comfortable lifestyle, and a stress-free future are only common among homebrew millionaires Not.

These are the result of a lot of effort and a long period of time, but some homebrew millionaire stories have made it possible to share this bliss. It shows some common features among millionaires.

Every millionaire takes action on her thoughts, dreams and visions.

Mere words have no meaning to them until they give them a practical form.

They are not afraid to fail. All mistakes are lessons learned and opportunities to do better. They motivate themselves from small shortcomings and push themselves further to do better.

Most millionaires use their skills to look back, hone and do great things. What he is good at and what he enjoys can do much better.

Millionaires don’t believe in doing things that don’t fit their hearts or minds. , And the value. People are good at what he enjoys most, so they focus on what they are good at and polish them further.

Therefore, passion, commitment, and attitude towards courage risk are common to most millionaires.

How can I become a self-made millionaire without money?

It’s natural to think that the most obvious thing to become a self-made millionaire is to have money.

This concept can be the biggest obstacle to realizing your dreams, so it’s dangerous to entertain.

Steve, an interview with JLD, and Grant revealed that money isn’t as important as we think. If you achieve it, there are more important things that can help you become a homebrew millionaire.

It all starts with a clear vision and perspective of what you want to achieve. When you stick to achieving your goals, don’t disturb the distractions.

The next step is to make a reasonable plan and then adopt the right one. Discipline to be consistent in working towards it.

It’s also important to manage your money and keep an eye on your spending while working towards it. Whenever you find a great opportunity, invest and take the calculated risk.

5 Tested and proven millionaire habits to adopt now

It’s all summarized in some simple habits. Adopting this is worth the trip to becoming a self-sufficient person.


I Many of the millionaires I have met are very modest in their lifestyle and spending. It’s not that they can’t afford luxury, but saving something of value is wiser than wasting it.

Think Big

From the box Don’t be afraid to put it out and think. If you have a unique idea, pursue it. Unlike ordinary people, they believe in one thing that millionaires have in common. Thinking big will promote you.

Build a strong support system

Equally important is to have a strong support system that will motivate you along the way. Aggressive enhancements from the right social circles can significantly improve performance.

Have discipline

Every millionaire has a disciple of diligence, coherence, and determination. The right discipline in life will bring you the desired results.

Educate yourself

Every millionaire has enough information about everything that is happening in his field. Before deciding anything, it is essential to educate yourself about market trends, new technologies, better principles, and risks.

Now you know the secret to achieve financial success

Most people believe that being a millionaire or being wealthy is only for a few selected people.

A few people reach millionaire status, but the truth is only if they adopt the right habits and values. It means that you can achieve financial independence and you don’t have to rely on work to maintain yourself.

The entrepreneurs I interviewed mentioned various tips, but they all worked hard and managed to achieve financial success. I didn’t deviate from my customs and values.

You are the biggest obstacle to your financial success and well-being. Now that you’ve got a hint of financial success from your own millionaire, what do you do to build your wealth?

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